Thursday, August 6, 2009

Japan actress missing after drug arrest of her husband

TOKYO – Japanese actress Noriko Sakai and her 10-year-old son have been
missing since her husband was arrested earlier this week for alleged drug p-
ossession, police said Thursday.
The actress was hugely popular in Asia, especially China, Hong Kong and T-
aiwan, during the 1990s because of her songs and TV dramas.
Sakai's mother-in-law asked Tokyo Metropolitan Police to search for the 38-
year-old actress and her son Tuesday,a day after Sakai's husband,Yuichi Ta-
kaso, 41, was arrested, a police spokesman said.
He declined to be named, citing department policy, and also refused to give
details about the husband's case.
Kyodo News agency reported that police stopped Takaso while he was wal-
king in downtown Tokyo and found drugs when they searched him.
Sakai's disappearance has been a top news item in Japan.
Masahisa Aizawa, president of Sakai's management agency, Sun Music, said
at news conference Tuesday that Sakai was a very responsible person and u-
rged her not to go through the difficult time by herself.
Police said Sakai's mobile phone signal was last detected late Tuesday in Ya-
manashi,about 60 miles (100 kilometers) west of Tokyo,according to Kyodo.
Officials from the Metropolitan and Yamanashi police declined to confirm the
Kouzou Ishimoto, an official for Sun Music,said it was cooperating with polic-
e to find the actress and her son.
"We are extremely worried.We hope to find her and her son as soon as poss-
ible," Ishimoto said.

Source:AP news agency.

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